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The Kindness of Strangers

I was doing my laundry one morning at Tierra de Zia apartments in Santa Fe, New Mexico in June of 1993, when an Asian chick ran into the laundromat and cried out: "COME HELP CATCH THE RABBIT!"

"Is it your rabbit?" I asked.

"No, but it's been running loose for days with dogs trying to kill it."

We have jackrabbits in New Mexico, and cottontails. But this was a domestic breed known as a Californian. Bred in California, Californians are a mix of New Zealand White, Himalayan, and standard Chinchilla rabbits. This terrified little bunny was white with a grey nose, grey ears, and tail. Something had torn a chunk out of her right ear.

I watched the rabbit deftly evade her pursuers before I made my move. Instead of chasing her, I coaxed her in a soft voice, and she let me pick her up. Boy, did she pick the right person.

A cheer went up when I solved the rabbit problem. Now I had a homeless bunny, so I made up some flyers and posted them around the neighborhood.

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My First Grand Prix

Harold Robbins was a pap writer of my youth. I read his bloated epic The Adventurers under a streetlight at the German Grand Prix

There were no sleeping accommodations at the Nurburgring so fans camped out on the exciting sections of the iconic circuit. I was new to Formula One, so I got blind pig drunk and scarfed down white sausages with sweet brown mustard.

When it comes to partying, the Germans don't mess around. They make the best beer on earth. Think what heroic party mammals you'd have to be to come up with Oktoberfest. Forget the Porsches and the rocket engineering. Let's have another round, and some more cleavage, Heidi.

Anyway, I was having a rare old time until I got sucker punched. That cheap shot made me forsake the taproom for more congenial surroundings. I found refuge under a streetlight as a steady drizzle fell on the hallowed track where Juan Fangio hauled in both factory Ferraris.

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Mango Lassie—A Memoir of the Sixties

They say, "If you can remember the Sixties, you probably weren't there."

Happily, Dougie MacKenzie recalls those zonked and zany times and brings them hilariously back to life in his regaling memoir, Mango Lassie.

MacKenzie reveals himself as a preadolescent trapped in the "rat" system of a Southern military school.

From an abyss of despair following the death of his brother, the disaffected teen finds solace in the arms of two girls he meets in France and pursues later as a freshman at Georgetown.

Avidly a lad with the ladies—and cutting an amorous swathe that Valentino would've envied, MacKenzie woos his women from the steamy streets of Pigalle to the waxed dance floors of Washington's Embassy Row.

At Georgetown University, at the height of the Vietnam War, MacKenzie meets his match in the uproarious Peter Fletcher.

In the thrall of his man-about-town mentor, MacKenzie is spirited through the doors of perception, and, ultimately—with the aid of a churlish dean—booted through the doors of expulsion.

Mango Lassie rollicks with wit and the follies of impassioned youth.

It is a cunning chronicle of college life that belongs on every bookshelf between Brideshead Revisited and Stover at Yale.

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Watergators In Hell

According to the eighteenth-century lexicographer, wit, and tastemaker Dr. Samuel Johnson, a satire is a poem wherein "wickedness or folly is ensured"… and never better than in The Water Gators in Hell, which satirizes the Watergate principals in a boisterous, witty, scathing vision of their trip to and experiences in Hell.


In Canto One, the Water Gators are chained on the deck of Charon's ghostly galleon as it crosses the fiery Styx bound for Hell. Richard Trixon pompously assumes he's en route to Heaven where he'll be crowned as the new archangel-elect. John Bean, however, has other ideas.

Canto Two finds the fractious tyrant and his bestial cohorts soldiering arduously through an infernal panorama only to end up as captives in Satan's infamous Red Fort. It is here in a madcap armageddon that the seedy trickster and repellent Pignew teach the Devil the true meaning of Hell. The Water Gators in Hell is a brilliant, picaresque odyssey in rhyme and a modern satire at its very best.

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Baby Rugby

The curtain comes up on the office of Margaret Goodteddy. Miss Goodteddy is headmistress of Boxwood School. Boxwood is an exclusive girls' preparatory school located in present day Connecticut. Goodteddy is seated at her desk CENTER RIGHT. She is absorbed with reading her mail. DOCTOR TWEETY enters from the only door UP LEFT.

He pauses before taking a seat DOWN RIGHT. Tweety peruses The Racing Form as Goodteddy opens a letter.

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The Splendid Wren

A play by Doug MacKenzie which debuted at the Santa Fe Playhouse, November 29, 1996.

For the brave men and women who defended our beloved South (1861-1865)–Especially Mosby's Rangers, John and Richard deButts.

The curtain comes up on Portable Classroom #6. Portable Classroom #6 is situated on a lonely corner of the Afton College campus in rural Afton, Indiana. Professor Everett C. Friskie is seated at his desk CENTER RIGHT. He has arrived early so he can eat a McDonald's double cheeseburger. Professor Friskie starts the action by tearing apart the take-out bag and wolfing down its contents with a beastly abandon. CHRISTOPHER BENTWOOD enters the room from the only door UP LEFT.

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